Friday, April 12, 2013

Design and Production Signs of Minnesota is the premier Real Estate Sign Manufacturer. For years our partners have produced all kinds of signs, posts and materials for the real estate markets.

We were looking at hundreds of different styles, dozens of company logos and all kinds of sizes, colors and materials like aluminum, glass, plastic or paper.

Costs were High and Margins were slim. We needed to Impress the customer, We needed to Improve the products appearance, We needed to increase the durability.

So we came up with a process that combines several technologies and methods of production into a product that gives the customer what they want but improves and Enhances the durability.

Printed on the inside "mirrored" on a large selection of High Quality Lexan and bonded together to produce a beautiful and scratch proof sign. At or below the cost of lesser quality mass produced signs which are usually screen printed on plastic or aluminum.

Guaranteed not to bleed, crack, scratch, break or fade in the sun. Matt finish to prevent reflections or glossy for a vibrant and colorful appearance. We can add holes or brackets, install the posts or mount anywhere you need it.

Real estate sales, for rent or sale signs, property info signs, display signs or any purpose you can think of.

Before and After

The original sign was the art work. It was made of plastic and
screen printed.  It was twice the price.

5-10 year Warranty  covering defects or damage.
Price breaks on quantities.
First sign is always FREE.

If you would like to see a sample and see our pricing please call
Text to 740-929-6193

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